Does anyone have any info on the code that would be needed to save a cd track into wav format? Like do i need to use some dll, or can i do it all myself?
Posted on 2001-10-09 18:54:34 by ChimpFace9000
You can use Winamp...

Open your song >> Press Ctrl-P >> Go to Outputs >> Change to diskwriter >> Select destination >> Hit ok >> Press play
Posted on 2001-10-10 00:27:12 by Kenny
How do i use winamp in my application?
Posted on 2001-10-10 01:03:35 by ChimpFace9000
I believe you will want to check out ASPI, but I might be wrong - never did this myself.
Posted on 2001-10-10 04:04:39 by f0dder
ohhh, you're probably going to have to find that output DLL and use one of the exports in your program. Unfortunately this will be hard, but I would also look into ASPI like f0dder mentioned.

I didn't know you wanted a program to do it :)
Posted on 2001-10-10 13:01:58 by Kenny
Thanks fot the replys. Also, I tried it with winamp, and it didnt work. I went through the steps, pressed play, the song played, but it didnt save it to a wav file.
Posted on 2001-10-10 14:59:55 by ChimpFace9000
That's right, you won't save anything as playing a CD is done by the hardware (only the commands: play, stop, seek etc are send by software)... It will not use the standard output functions of your soundcard (or in winamp's case, of the current winamp output dll), but the cable that goes from your cd-rom player to your audio card.
You can record that by recording the CD line of your soundcard, but then you're recording at 1x speed, and worse: using analog input. So that's of course not what you want.
I think you'll have to play with ASPI, but I thought ASPI was designed for SCSI devices only, may be wrong though.

Posted on 2001-10-10 15:52:21 by Thomas
There is a modified version of CDFS.VXD that you can get from quite a few shareware music sites that gives CD tracks as wavs in a directory off the root CD path.

It obviously only works on 9x/ME because its a VXD, and it kinda screws winamps auto loading (as it recurses through the directory and loads all copies of the song, and there are about 12 copies of each track plus the original (mono/stereo, 16/32bit, 44/22/11KHz).

All are treated as straight WAVs within the system, so you can copy them through explorer, or use an MP3 encoder straight from the disk etc.

It doesn't work on all CD players apparently, and can be a little unstable, but I've never had any problems with it (then again I have it on my "serious" partition, so I've never played games with it on).

At the very least, you can disassemle it for your own non-profit personal/educational use (if you live in the EU)!

Posted on 2001-10-11 04:12:07 by Mirno
Ok, I know this works because I do it all the time...

Go into Winamp and change the Waveout output (speakers) to Diskout output just buyclicking on it and pressing OK. Now what you need to do is set the directory in which the wav files will be saved though. You do that by selecting the properties?? thing.
Posted on 2001-10-11 19:17:51 by Kenny