Well, I installed this a few months ago and noticed that there seems to be no new headers installed. Compared to any individual SDK(Platform, DirectX 9,...) which contains the new headers plus the documentations.

I thought MSDN april 2003 includes everything(documentation and new headers)... shucks!!!. :mad:

Is there a "legal" way to get these headers without downloading the individual SDK's. I don't want to download 200++mb file even if it's free.

I tried to minimize every installed programs, then I screwed up on this one... :mad:
Posted on 2003-07-02 02:03:57 by arkane
i hope this is what you're looking for...

Well, i don't know about headers (well, i do, but not in this context :p), but you can download individual components of the SDK. i cut my download by quite a bit - i only got documentation, i think... or maybe doc & source... or something like that. Anyway, no build enviros:

After MSDN asks you to accept/decline their agreement, agree... when the install pops up, cancel it. You should now be able to download the individual components of the core SDK (4 of them, iirc). i stumbled upont his by accident when i realised i didn't have enough space on my system disk to continue the install without moving stuff (and by only selecting what i needed, i ended up not having to move/delete stuff). Hope this helps!
Posted on 2003-07-02 10:30:01 by jademtech
you know I hated myself when I installed that damn MSDN April 2003, I wish I downloaded the individual SDK's like I did before but I wanted everything to be in single program -> MSDN April 2003...

oh well... nothing to be gain from bitching here... :grin:

Thank You..
Posted on 2003-07-02 11:11:13 by arkane