I would like to be able to increase or decrease the mixer master or the mixer wav volume with a quick little program.

I dont care what language, but I am looking at assembly for this because it is quick and tight. Would it be better to use vb or something, or would it be just as easy?

I have not looked at assembly since I wrote an assembler on a 8088 when they were popular ;-)~

Anyway, I'm getting frustrated with the rise in crap code in recent years, which leads me to wanting to do some things myself. This project seems like a good place to get started.

I have a m$ keyboard which has these crazy buttons on the top (which get in the way more than anything) and I want the left 2 to be the volume control. The 'intelli' driver let me set volume, although it does mute. Tweakui allows customizing keys with microphone volume, but not speaker volume. I can make these keys run a program, so, I figure a little code will do the trick.

I searched for sound, volume, mixer, on this site but didnt find much for what I want to do.

Anyone have a tip on the command(s) to use?
Or language?
Posted on 2003-07-03 00:32:26 by BuggerHunter
I have a link for a sample application in VB: Roman.exe
Posted on 2003-07-04 22:27:08 by Poimander
There are also numerous mixer related links on MSDN. In
particular there is a sample VC6 application MixApp available,
But it isn't offered as a separate download, so you have download
the entire VS6 samples package (132M!) in order to get it. In any
case here's the link for that: MixApp
Posted on 2003-07-05 11:48:48 by Poimander
I'm going to check these out...
That was a great episode.
Posted on 2003-07-12 02:32:23 by BuggerHunter
I didn't have phun, so I coded this for fun... :grin:

tested on win2k sp4
sound blaster live!

you only need volume.exe and volkey.dll ... the rest are garbage if you don't want to reassemble the source. It will create an 8 byte file for storing the settings...

I didn't add extra settings since I believe it's garbage. So if you want a faster/slower increase and decrease of the volume, open the source file(volkey.asm) and look for "Increase volume by X" or "Decrease volume by X". The instructions are add eax, 100 and sub eax, 100 respectively... and reassemble.


p.s. Personally, +/- by 100 has a smooth transitional sound... but that's just my opinion. Change the source if you like. I can't gaurantee, this to work on other machines but if there is/are problems/s, I'll test it on one of my machines... I'm just too lazy to test it right now. :grin: :grin:

This one doesn't use hotkeys instead it hooks your keyboard, so you're hotkeys are safe. For less annoyances, assign special keys for +/- of the volume. You don't want to use backspace for decreasing the volume because everytime backspace is pressed it will +/- the volume even if you're using ms-word or any application. :grin:

You can verify the decrease and increase of the volume by using the built in program on windows(control panel...)
Posted on 2003-07-15 17:18:20 by arkane