First of all: do not beat me. I know that this topic was before, but I have still problems with this.
I just need to show in any edit control (probably it will be RichEdit) only few characters. Theirs codes are:
108h, 109h, 11Ch, 11Dh, 134h, 135h, 15Ch, 15Dh, 16Ch, 16Dh (those are characters used in Esperanto).
If I write those codes in RichEdit and press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F12 then they will convert into characters.
I can't even show those characters using ExtTextOut (which should work with unicode).
Which functions I should use? (I was trying to use MultiByteToWideChar and WideCharToMultiByte. Maybe I was using it wrong).

And one more think. I have to be honest. I was trying this only in Delphi (I'm more familiar with it then with asm. But I hope not for long). But it realy doesn't matter to me in which language it will be. I'm really desperated.
Posted on 2003-07-03 08:47:05 by Dryobates