someone knows a utility to convert Visual Basic code to Delphi?

I got a Delphi version (5.0), and i want to convert some apps that i've developed in VB.. i don't know very much pascal, but i'm learning (console applicatios are cool!, you can't do this with VB)

some ideas?
Posted on 2003-07-03 11:08:02 by tomman
I'd say this is the wrong messageboard for that question.

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Posted on 2003-07-03 12:13:29 by bazik
Posted on 2003-07-03 13:29:09 by arkane
Even though I've got about 20mins of delphi coding experience under my belt, I dare say that anything that can be done through delphi can be done through vb. They both let you call functions in external libraries (i.e. windows api). You can surely create win32 console apps with vb. Maybe you can't create 16 bit apps with the latest versions of vb though, unless you use an earlier version of basic or qbasic or whatever.
Posted on 2003-07-03 14:28:57 by Will