I was wondering where you guys go to enlighten your technical knowledge?

I usually just read a few forums and newsletters, I was just curious about everyone else.

Posted on 2003-07-03 12:35:44 by gorshing
well, I don't know but most of the time when an idea pops into my head, I look it up on google, when I find the info I need, it leads to another info then another... :grin: :grin:

like for example: your looking at robotics, then AI comes up, then it branches to smaller details like neural networks, then a bizarre electrical impulse on your brain made you think of shortest path algorithms, then you look up for dijkstra...

after searching for this info, I found a forum, I searched for the topic, then along the way, I noticed another interesting topic, reads the thread, deviate from my main goal ...... search ......

the info I get is basically from the things I've read which leads one to the other... :grin:
Posted on 2003-07-03 12:53:11 by arkane
usually i go to amazon and look for books on that subject, then when i find a good book, i first go look on kazaa to see if an ebook version is available for download, u'd be amazed at the number of technical books u can just download on kazaa and other such networks instead of buying them! if they're not available on kazaa i usually buy a used version of the book...
Posted on 2003-07-06 15:22:37 by AnotherWay83
Has any of you got the book "Design and Evolution of C++ by Bjarrne Stroutsup"?

I have tried looking in all the book stores in my city, even asked my cousin who lives in a diff city to search for the book but couldnt get it there too. Finally i tried searching online on Kazaa and stuff but couldnt find it there too.
I dont have a Global Credit Card to buy the book online.
Plus the prices on amazon are way too high. The books you get here for 10$ cost over 30$ there and not to mention the additional postage charges. :rolleyes:

So if anyone has a ebook of it, please contact me.

Posted on 2003-07-06 15:33:05 by clippy

Plus the prices on kazaa are way too high.

huh? prices? on kazaa???? i dont know what u're talking abt but everything i've downloaded off of kazaa has been free! maybe its a feature im not aware of...
Posted on 2003-07-06 17:00:58 by AnotherWay83
Oh sorry sorry. i meant amazon. prices on amazon. typed wrong.

I have corrected the mistake now. :)
Posted on 2003-07-07 04:48:46 by clippy
use the fource read the source
Posted on 2003-07-10 23:49:06 by rob.rice
for what ever you need there is most likely free software to do the job
why buy or steal
Posted on 2003-07-11 00:12:05 by rob.rice
I agree but there are some things that you have to buy, I bought MS Office (I used to have Open Office but it sucked) and a few weeks ago I bought WinAce archiver because 7Zip was crashing. I own my commercial debugger (though I was given it for free by the author) and there are a few other packages that I had to buy because of the lack of high enough quality freeware or I wanted the same formats as I have at the office. Also the quality and features of freeware graphics editors, though good do not come close to packages like paintshop and others that came with my wife's IMac.
Posted on 2003-07-11 00:28:09 by donkey
I did say most of the time not always

it's hard to beat MAC for graphics I think graphic apps have ben what has kept apple alive for a long time (but at one time MAC stomped IBM in to mud speed ram size but MAC just diden't have the software to beat IBM in the market)

one thing about freeware is that it is being updated all the time if it dosen't do what you want today it may do it next week

another thing about free ware is that the windows stuff is way behined the same stuff for linux or BSD so much so that if there is something new for nix it will be about 6 months befor it comes out for windows free OSs tend to breed free software
Posted on 2003-07-11 21:32:39 by rob.rice