I've posted this in "no more theory" thread, but I'm afraid it will get unnoticed there

This forum is for Theory, so why don't we develop 'theoretically' devices here? I mean something like this: someone posts his detail plans on an interesting project, and we discuss how this project can be completed, what will be the schematics, how to improve/expand the project. And if someone feels able to create that device, he is free to do it, getting 99% credit (fame) for the effort, and the 1% goes for the people that created the schematics.
How can this be interesting: even if the project never gets completed, we all will share (and definitely improve) our knowledge in electronics (and asm). I have many ideas about projects, but I can't create any of them because I don't have the parts (or money or availability of parts), and environment (like a home lab) for creating PCB and soldering. Soon I'll post some of these projects:
1) digital radio telephone - I have created a simple one, but this one will have PIC inside and is more complex.
2) network for the above project
3) HiFi stereo amp with sensors and stuff. Sensors have on_hover and on_press detection and feedback with light (LED).

any ideas are always welcome
Posted on 2003-07-04 05:24:18 by Ultrano
but... i dont like just stop to theory, better make it asap. i have plan to make a diode junction drop tester, like what you see in dmm tool, at diode testing. whats in my mind till nowaday is using my notorious 89C51, a ADC and/or DAC, a couple dicrete component and a plastic pen to make it altogether. anyone interested?

Posted on 2003-07-04 07:27:47 by dion
uhm... how about talking about static electricity? i was say this in manner of how come an IC can be destroyed by a static electricity? i read somewhat about kilovolts range static in wool carpet?
Posted on 2003-07-04 07:33:23 by dion
I talked about static electricity a bit in my Power discussion (which has been corrected for the masses).

Posted on 2003-07-05 01:19:45 by NaN
oppss! sorry NaN, i am forgotful person, just remember i was reading somewhat about that in this board right now :)
Posted on 2003-07-05 02:35:15 by dion