Has anyone take a look at the upcoming php5?
They are making it totally object-oriented to compete with ASP.NET & Java.

I love the new features. it will make me sitck to php for a long time.

Though i think they have dropped the MySql/PHP combination and are using something new called SQLite. i dont have any details in it.
What are your thoughts about it?

i wish Bjarne Stroutsup would also give an update to C++. With the new TOTAL OOP style languages coming in, C++ syntax seems to be getting more and more obsolete by the day.
Posted on 2003-07-07 15:25:37 by clippy
Flame me :grin:
Perl rules. :)
Who cares about php 5?
Posted on 2003-07-08 07:00:46 by roticv
perl is lousy for webdevelopment
Posted on 2003-07-08 07:17:27 by Hiroshimator