Here's something that's been bugging me for quite some time in the new help system:

If i do a search, say, on "TAPI," i am given a list of results, like in the WinHlp32 system. If i open one of the documents, it shows up where i expect it... however, unlike with WinHlp32, the table of contents continues to show whatever it was showing before. With WinHlp32, the table of contents opens to the leaf containing the information i have open in the document screen (so, for example, i can see everything in the TAPI section). Not only would showing it be helpful for browsing, it would be the only way i can find TAPI in the contents! i cannot find it in the TOC! Does anyone know a suitable workaround (other than using the old platform sdk/win32.hlp)? Thanks :)
Posted on 2003-07-08 10:34:28 by jademtech
Just select "Sync Contents" from the help menu of DExplore

EDIT: By the way you can also assign a hotkey to Sync Contents (I use Ctrl-F12).

Go toTools- Options
Select KeyBoard
Find help.SyncContents
Assign a hotkey
Press assign and you'll be asked to save it under a different name
Choose a name for your scheme and press OK
Posted on 2003-07-08 10:50:04 by donkey
Many thanks, Donkey :)

You have saved me from further frustration :) Hm. i just realised that i didn't do my customary searching (but then again, i don't know what i'd search under, anyway).

Posted on 2003-07-08 11:13:10 by jademtech