Hi folks,

check out the AMD site. www.amd.com
The new AMD architecture ist quite MAD or
should i say DAMn fast.
Posted on 2001-10-10 12:25:42 by marsface
I wish I had one :)
Posted on 2001-10-10 13:04:26 by Kenny
Yeah, that's exactly what i wish too.

I didn't get it right, is this the CPU
where more registers are available, or
am i wrong ???
Posted on 2001-10-11 05:37:56 by marsface
We've had a pair of 1.2GHz AthlonMP (same as XP but validated for multi processor boxes) processors at work for a while, and yes its an impressive piece of kit!

As far as I'm aware it has data pre-fetch which can dramatically improve performance on predictable data paterns.
It also has a full SSE implementation (not SSE2 a-la Pentium 4), but Windows Media player doesn't recognise it because Microsoft are dumb (they use the "GenuineIntel" + SSE bit, rather than just the SSE bit)!

Theres some other stuff I can't remember too.

Its also got various other bits n pieces that allow it to clock higher, and run cooler.

I don't think they've got any more registers, there won't be any more that we can see at least (there could be some inside the core for dynamic register naming, but I wouldn't think so), as it needs to conform to x86 standards. The processor you may be thinking of is the Hammer processor which is x86-64, and so will need to expand the 32bit to 64bit (feax or something so i've heard).

Posted on 2001-10-11 05:56:19 by Mirno
Actually i believe the new prefix for AMD's hammer series is:


Posted on 2001-10-11 12:01:27 by Asm_Freak
The athlon processors indeed don't have extra (visible) registers.
I don't believe the XP processor line is any different, it's just marketing
tricks of AMD because they can't reach the same clock speeds as P4
(we all know they have nice performance, though...)

In one way I think it's lame that they're starting to name their processors
by how they compare to a pentium4, on the other hand I can understand
it, because most people are ignorant enough to think that a higher
clock speed means higher performance.

Oh well.
Posted on 2001-10-11 12:17:35 by f0dder
The Sledge Hammer architecture has additional
and the new
R4,R5...R15 as i can remeber.
All are 64bit wide.

The SledgeHammer architecure is an answer to
Intel's IA64 architecutre.

I've just read the WitePapers and the XP CPU
has a architecure called QuadSpeed(tm) or something like that.

Its just visible that AMD got help for Motorola.

In fact AMD don't raise thier ClockSpeed, bcoz
they don't need it. The Pipeline is shorter.

The WhitePaper tell that a XP CPU can perform
9 instructions per Cycle.

Posted on 2001-10-11 14:10:05 by marsface
AMD Rocks! Educate the ignorant.
Posted on 2001-10-11 17:09:46 by bitRAKE