Heya. As you might or might not know, I live in europe, where we use the PAL standard for TVs - as opposed to the NTSC standard of the USA.

I'm in the process of deciding whether I should buy the Neon Genesis Evangelion "perfect collection" 8 DVD set. Problem is, it's in NTSC format - and I'm wondering whether my PAL playstation2 can decode it properly, and whether it will work with my PAL TV set...

Any ideas?
Posted on 2003-07-10 01:45:06 by f0dder
I doubt that it will play, the color encoding and scan lines would be different, and the country code will probably not be accepted by your playstation2. What ever happened to SECAM ?
Posted on 2003-07-10 01:56:12 by donkey
Google says this:


I found exactly the same product at other places, too, but here is the cheapest.

Sony are/will be awful devils if they haven't implemented a decoder inside the PS2.
Posted on 2003-07-10 01:59:16 by Ultrano
Probably better off to get the Messiah Mod Chip for your PS2:

Posted on 2003-07-10 02:08:27 by donkey
I couldn't find the price of mesiah, but at the shop site I found this, and this time a lot cheaper :


- Removes the MacroVision protection from any DVD player
- Record DVD movies to VHS tapes
- Will not void the manufacturers warrantee!!
- Improves the picture quality
- Dual Mode: Works on all NTSC and PAL machines
- Video & S-Video in and output
- Automatic PAL/NTSC detection
- Universal! Can be used with all DVD players (including PlayStation2 and Xbox consoles)
- Comes with 9V AC power supply, AC 9V, 120mA (included)
- Super Easy 2 Minute Installation!!
Posted on 2003-07-10 02:31:58 by Ultrano
depends on your TV sometimes. Our TV can accept both PAL and NTSC.
Posted on 2003-07-10 04:06:12 by Hiroshimator
Problem with that is that it will still not play any games that do not have the right region codes. Generally NTSC games are Region 1 games and cannot be played on a PS2 bought in Europe. The MacroVision removal is not much more than a circuit that rebuilds the Vertical Blanking Interval, nothing to do with Region Codes. If the box can over-ride the region 1 lock then it would be a very good deal.
Posted on 2003-07-10 04:06:42 by donkey
games & macrovision aren't really an issue. If I wanted to pirate the DVDs, I'd just buy a DVD drive and encode them to DivX, no sweat. That's not what I intend though, I want to playback on my PS2 :)

Anyway, this has become a non-issue now. Found a region2+PAL version of the collection, which is less than half the price from the danish site. Heh.

But still, I'm interested to hear more, might be an issue in the future :)
Posted on 2003-07-10 04:11:07 by f0dder
Oh, I just figured that Neon Genesis Evangelion was some sort of game. Doesn't sound like a movie and I don't play games so I'm not really current on any of the new ones.
Posted on 2003-07-10 04:16:13 by donkey
NGE is a pretty great anim? :)
Posted on 2003-07-10 05:44:54 by f0dder
NGE is an awesome tv series (anime 26 episodes), and a few films (2 or 3) and a game. Everything is based on the 26 episodes, that you can preview with any p2p.

here are some links. Click on "Archive" on the first, and see the images. Great artwork :grin:




Posted on 2003-07-11 03:04:16 by Ultrano
Already watched the whole seris, and Death&Rebirth + End Of Evangelion. Now I want them on DVD ^_^ - and yeah, awesome.
Posted on 2003-07-11 06:19:44 by f0dder
I've seen only the series. Do the movies have something new ? Or anyway, are they worth seeing :) ?
ah, btw, how much is the total "awesome pack" ? In the future, I'd love to get them (as soon as I have money to buy a PS2 or DVD -rom)
Posted on 2003-07-11 07:44:44 by Ultrano
depends on who you ask. The movies don't fit 100% into the series, it's a bit... weird. Better watch them and judge for yourself. I liked them.
Posted on 2003-07-11 07:46:38 by f0dder