I'm almost certain I'm going to have to StreamOut the entire thing just to find a line reference above a WORD sized line index. I'm working with data (currently small sized at 9.5 Megs), that is tossed encrypted on line by line, but the problem is, I can grab lines 0 to 65535, but after that, I'm unable to do so. I'm also expecting the data to get into the 100's of thousands of lines.

I scoured for references to getting PAST the 65535 (WORD) line limit and all I seem to see are people writing new controls. (I'd rather work with COM and COMmit suicide.)

This code is also going to be used in an update of a program I wrote for banning DNS entries system wide (which I hope to patch Winsock to do this, plus more). Someone emailed me their massive DNS Hosts file. Suffice to say, it's 346K after I compressed it with other code (formatted it better, got rid of a mess load of spaces and put tabs in, etc), it's over a quarter of the way to the 65535 limit, plus when I add the other Winsock abilities to the "Hosts" file, it'll get 4 to 5 times larger, which is going to break under the current EM_LINEINDEX's word return.

A shame it's a throwback from Windows 3.x still.
Posted on 2003-07-11 14:22:32 by FunkyMeister