i have 04 00 01 00 . what i need to is reverse it so its 00 01 00 04 with bit operations hopefully? if not then ill have to use inline assembly. its basicly an ip i just need to increment it intel style. oh and ill also need to convert it back.
Posted on 2003-07-12 19:20:01 by Qages
Posted on 2003-07-12 19:28:46 by The Svin
mov eax,ipValue

bswap eax
add eax,a
bswap eax
mov ebx,a
lea ebx,[ebx*4]
mov ecx,buffera
mov dword ptr [ecx+ebx],eax

works for me thx!
Posted on 2003-07-12 19:47:29 by Qages