First,so much compliment for the quality of radasm, but just one question in editwindow, it can't manage some of my files properly.(please download my file,if you can open it with radasm, and edit line 10 without any crashes on your os, tell me about how can you do that)

And also I don't like the belt of light when the line make mistakes,it crashes my eyes.Is there any way to hide these belts by click mouse only one time?

Thanks so much
Posted on 2003-07-14 03:41:25 by pdx1989
For the file I can't help you as I don't have the right character set, but the hilite color for errors is Hilite Color #1 in the Colors & Keywords selection of the Options menu. Just set it to the same color as the background. To get rid of them on a case by case basis you can select Clear Errors from the context menu (right click on the editor window). I seem to remember Ketil mentioning a way to turn it off but I am either wrong or I have forgotten how.
Posted on 2003-07-14 04:44:50 by donkey
Hi pdx1989

Your file does not contain normal spaces (20h) but Chinese spaces (A1h).

Here is the converted file.

From RadASMini.rtf


Masm Error Lookup Tool (melt) and assembler errors options.
Manually maintained.

1= Path and filename of melt.
2=A,5 Error prefix and melt command.
BookMark= How RadASM bookmarks assembler errors.
0=No handling
1=Shows bookmark
2=Hilites line
3=Shows bookmark and hilites line (default)
4=No visual error marking, goto next error still works

Posted on 2003-07-14 06:07:01 by KetilO
OH, thanks so much,because this is a problem that annoyed me for a long time. I even try to use SoftICE and Ultreditor to reverse your software to solve my problem (don't be angry) and I have another bug:
When I create a new dialog RC, the attribute box of the dialog isn't normally displayed. The frame of the box is one centimeter left of the normal location,and the font is really strange (it's very small) I don't know whether the problem is in your new release (mine is, and I can't serve on your website these days, if you change one ,please tell me , thanks.)
Posted on 2003-07-15 03:04:43 by pdx1989
The current version is 2029 but may not be available to you, try the new site.

If it is not available post your attempt here and I will submit a request to have it made available to RadASM users in China through my company which does business there. It can be a long process however as there is apparently (according to others in the office) alot of verification and the request has to be worded carefully or the emails are rejected. At any rate we have experts in this field at the Toronto office and I will forward the request if necessary.
Posted on 2003-07-15 10:25:09 by donkey
Thanks for your favor very much,donkey. The new site is available for me, thanks.
Posted on 2003-07-16 04:25:58 by pdx1989