Why and how do the azeotropes exist?
Posted on 2003-07-15 12:01:55 by inFinie
Shortly,azeotropes are solutions which can be distilled without any change in composition.An azeotrope has a constant-boiling point.At a particular total pressure value,the composition of an azeotrope depends
only on the components forming the solution.Generally,the distillation process is meaningfull for non-azeotropic
solutions where the components can be separated.

Examples of binary azeotropes:HCl - H2O system,HNO3 - H2O system.
Posted on 2003-07-16 09:06:11 by Vortex
Yes, i know only that in fact. But why and how(is it the bonds or sthg?) ? (The answer is not mixing two of them :grin: )
Posted on 2003-07-16 10:34:36 by inFinie
What do you mean by mixing two of them? Azeotropes are the derivatives of mixtures.
Posted on 2003-07-16 11:34:34 by Vortex
I mean why.
For example liquids take the shape of its container because spacement btw. their atoms are not so tight as solids.
Posted on 2003-07-16 11:56:43 by inFinie