Hello, Randy.

Here are two source files:
[COLOR=blue]// file testhhf.hhf[/COLOR]

sometype : [B]dword[/B];
[B]endtype[/B];[COLOR=red]// <- caused by this semicolon [/COLOR]
Compiling the testhla.hla givesPosted on 2003-07-16 06:45:21 by clone-d
Technically speaking, a semicolon does not go after #include( "file...").
That's the source of your error, not the semicolon after the endtype.
You'll get the same error without the include file if you do the following:

program t;
zstream: byte[$38];
; //<---- extra semicolon generates an error.
begin t;

end t;

Generally, HLA is very forgiving about extra semicolons in the declaration section, but there are a few places the grammar won't allow extra semicolons and I cannot easily allow for them (this is a Flex/Bison limitation).

The best solution is to avoid sticking semicolons after your #include directives. I know I've done this in a lot of earlier HLA examples, but after a few problems like yours I quickly got out of the habit of doing this.
Randy Hyde
Posted on 2003-07-17 14:38:46 by rhyde
OK. Clear now :)
Posted on 2003-07-18 01:08:15 by clone-d