where can I find the settings windows uses for my adsl conection
like where dose it go to login to my isp and stuff like that it logs in
at boot time so I know it's not in the browser
Posted on 2003-07-16 18:41:13 by rob.rice
Posted on 2003-07-16 18:58:34 by Qages
I need to get adsl up and working under linux because windows some times hambugers bzip2 files
and it always hambugers the source code for XFree86 my copy of XFree86 needs to be rebuilt for just this computer
because XFree86 is getting the video driver wrong ( and rebuilding it for just what I have is smaller and starts up faster) I need to get this info from the computer because my broadband provider dosen't support linux and the people at the help desk clame that thay don't know it

I was thinking there was some boot script in windows that sets all this up I could pick the info from
Posted on 2003-07-17 13:20:21 by rob.rice

My adsl modem has alot of that hard coded in it by the isp. I know this because I hit reset once and needed to have my modem reprogrammed by them.

the modem itself is a cisco 675 router with an ethernet card in the computer
I have a cd for changing the settings in it but to reprogram it I just unpluge it for a little while then plug it back in
thanks for your post anyway donkey

thanks for your post Quages but M$ diden't have anything on setting up adsl ( I guess it's PI for them and something I would have to pay big bucks for)
Posted on 2003-07-17 13:35:24 by rob.rice