Hi all.
Maybe this is totally unnecissary and if so, please delete it! :)
I've been browsing around this place for some time now and I've gotta tell you:
this is by far the best programming-community I've run across!
People are friendly, many are VERY skilled and people always help if they can, nomatter how *basic* or *advanced* the question is !
This place is a true goldmine for the beginner ( such as me :) ).
Searching for something as for instance info on the stack, the heap, SMC and lotsa other stuff
often brings up whole essays (!!) that people have written and posted here for everyone to enjoy.
They're often very well written and easy to understand and you can also ask questions about the
material and get a very good explanation!

Just had to tell you guys :grin: !
I wouldn't know 1/30 of what I now know of ASM if it hadn't been for this place, just by browsing around in it!

so thanks for this place and keep up the GREAT work!! :alright: :alright:

Posted on 2003-07-17 06:14:53 by edmund
I second this :alright: . Though I'm a little more experienced coder, there are always things to learn and teach here :) .
"To cast bread upon the waters"
Posted on 2003-07-17 13:12:16 by Ultrano