I'm desperate for a solution to access ODBC via my 16-bit assembly programs.
I have used Pervasive for Windows (previously Btrieve) d-base for a few years (called in my code by passing a file FCB and INT 7BH) and it has worked great but after accumulating 5-million+ records in one of my files I've hit a limit that Pervasive says they can do nothing about.

Since this is a real-time system that processes on-line Medicare claims for aprox 10 national pharmacy chains that has been down for 2 days now, I have to find a
quick fix.

I'm wondering If I can convert all my data into Access or some other D-base that
can be accessed via ODBC from my existing code. The real problem here of course is, I can't convert my 50,000 lines of 16-bit assembly DOS code to MASM32 anytime soon, so the question is: Can I access some other type SQL d-base via my 16-bit code DOS assembly code, or am I SOL?

thanks in advance - Dale
Posted on 2003-07-17 18:28:43 by dalebernard
I feel your pain, being a database guy myself.
"Access" NO, don't even consider this option. It has a similiar limit and you'll
only be force to repeat the same agonizing process.

You say this 16 bit app is capable of ODBC already, and you just need another OBDC compliant database? I personally recommend MySql.
You'll need to setup a database server for this. You can get MySQL for NT,
but I recommend Linux.

You should be able to make a few SQl statements to pass the database over. MySQL has something like a terabyte limit. And BTW its free :)

Anyone else with ideas? this man is under a time pressure.

EDIT: I'll help as much as I can.

Posted on 2003-07-17 19:24:31 by RobotBob
afaik you could rewrite parts as 32 bits dlls and let those call the dbs. via a process called "thunking" you can then call the 32 bit dll from your 16 bit app under windows. it may work directly for something like odbc or it may not. I don't know unfortunately. Search for "thunking" on msdn and give it a quick glance.

as for the database in this case I guess my recommendation is mysql as well
Posted on 2003-07-17 19:41:05 by Hiroshimator