Recently I finished a program of mine, written entirely in asm. Soon I'll start selling it, right now I've uploaded a demo version with few limits (save disabled) at my site . Please check it out ;)
If you know some musician, pls give him the url.
Posted on 2003-07-18 05:11:44 by Ultrano
Hi Ultrano! It's great that you have finished your program. I know you have been working hard on it :alright:
There's a problem though; I can't use it. After the first messagebox the program automaticly exits. Some time ago I tried an older version and it worked as expected. I'm using Windows XP Home SP1

Posted on 2003-07-18 05:25:19 by Delight
hi, Delight,
thanks for your notification. I had solved that problem (preserving EBX, ESI and EDI), but I had uploaded the wrong file. Now everything's ok ;)

I remember I had the exact same problem with my previous proggie lol. Win98SE here
Posted on 2003-07-18 06:10:23 by Ultrano
Weird, dreamer could not be properly lanuched on my system (win 2k sp3). I have attached the image to show you the error.
Posted on 2003-07-18 07:01:55 by roticv
Hi, Ultrano.
I tried to download the demo version of Dreamer, but couldn't find it in your site... in fact I couldn't get past the "join" button, wich doesn't seem to work for me. I'm using Opera browser, version 6.
Posted on 2003-07-18 10:02:12 by QvasiModo
Posted on 2003-07-18 11:50:20 by Delight
phew. at last. I fixed the bug with Hiro's help. Unmatched exception handling. Had put it two lines above the place it had to be, which was almost equal to pushing without popping. It's impossible to detect such errors on Win98 :( . Anyway, now I'm uploading the final demo version, which has been approved to work on win2k. Will be up in 20 minutes.

hmm. I don't have Opera to test my site on. Immediately after my last exams I'll make a version for non-mozilla browsers.

a patch is available at
Posted on 2003-07-18 14:36:35 by Ultrano
uhm, does Dreamer run at your PCs? I don't get any notifications about its status, which gets me worried a lot :( . One notify for each Windows version (98+) is what will be the perfect notify.
Thanks in advance :)
Posted on 2003-07-24 01:12:46 by Ultrano
Works fine on 2ksp3 now...
Posted on 2003-07-24 02:35:11 by roticv
Very impressive :alright:!

Works fine on winXP pro SP1 as well as win2k pro SP4.

Posted on 2003-07-24 03:09:18 by Thomas
4.25 mb in pure asm ... WoW!!!
I seen a lot of wonderful website but your website is the finest, futuritic i ever saw... (bit7 you just got beat) :)And it is very down-to-earth with out the over-kill most other do. It be a long time before someone match that.

As far as the program goes, i am downloading it now.
Posted on 2003-07-24 03:46:48 by cmax
Impresive :alright:
It works on win95 OSR 2.
But why it loads my processor on full 100% even when it do nothing (I simply create empty new project)?
My CPU is 600MHz Pentium II and I think it's not so weak.

Keep great working.
Posted on 2003-07-24 03:54:54 by JohnFound

I downloaded it twice becase it did not work. I thought something was wrong with my machine so i downloaded it again and it still did not work.

I don't think it work for Win95. I just wait and see what others say. If it's the same i guest Win95 is out because how in the world can anyone go back through 4.25 MB and still be sane. Did you pack it, if so ... " "

Again that's a really kool web page.
Posted on 2003-07-24 04:24:36 by cmax
This one looks awsome.

How long did you make it ??
Graphics is great also you made it by yourself ??
How much you are going to take from ppl who want to have it ??
Posted on 2003-07-24 04:57:27 by AceEmbler
cmax, I am sure I used at least 2 APIs that do not work under Win95. Well, at least it was documented in MSDN that they don't work. I don't remember which ones were these APIs. Sorry :( . My target audience use mostly Win98SE & 2k , and absolutely never Win95, because it has limited music capabilities. Right now I'm thinking of $79,99 for its price. Advertising will be hard, today a friend of mine will try to help me with that.
I started writing DR on 1st October 2002 - ( 9 months so far), as during this time I had 8 hours of school every weekday, and I'm going to university in a couple of months. The code is not 4MB. It's only 100,000 to 110,000 lines of code (I use 'invoke' and macros a lot, but there are many places where code must be heavily optimized).
Sometimes DR takes 100% cpu because of GDI (a lot of BitBlt-ing). If some other app is using the timeSetEvent(), GDI is most likely to do this trick. If you minimize the DR window, you'll see the actual % that DR takes -with GDI disabled.
If you run a Flash site while Dreamer is running, you'll see that 'bug' :( . But otherwise, musicians get 95% of cpu for sound processing, not 50%.
AceEmbler: all graphics made by myself. "Akemi" is 100% MS Paint :grin: .

<edit> :
DR takes 100% cpu when your PC has to do BitBlt without hardware accelerration. With a decent videocard (that supports DirectDraw in hardware) one can get 120fps easily, and at 60fps cpu will spend only 2% for graphics. Other software checks which area of window should change, and does bitblt in software. Let's say copying a byte takes 6cycles (6.7 on my pc) . Then the graphics renderer will take
800x800x3x3x6 = 34.56 million cycles / frame. Normal framerate is 30, so it'll take 100% cpu at 1GHz cpu just to draw. Musicians have enough money to get a video card, so I needn't worry for graphics :) . A few days ago I found a way to make the planes from 3 to 1, but I'll make that modification much much later, as it needs all graphics code to be modified slightly, and with this university and moving to another city I won't have any time for anything :| .
Posted on 2003-07-24 05:57:02 by Ultrano
Hi Ultrano.
Actually, IMO you must make something for the speed of the user interface. There must be some bugs (well, maybe not bugs, but some things for fixing). It's not normal for assembler program to take 100% CPU time for 2D graphics. Maybe you make frequently redraw of whole windows, instead of only these parts that need redrawing.
Posted on 2003-07-24 06:14:40 by JohnFound
pls re-read my previous post - I edited it. It's not a bug in fact, but inconvenience under certain circumstances (that are missing on cpus that most music composers have). In near future I'll try to use DirectDraw directly, but right now I am unable to write a lot of code (personal problems, uni, family, exhaustion, . ...)
Posted on 2003-07-24 06:29:20 by Ultrano
Hm, I am read your edited variant. But it's very strange that you talk about graphics in your user interface, as for a movie or as for a game: FPS, DirectDraw, acceleration, CPU usage, GHz processors, pixels per second.
Did you make your windows to be updated all the time continuously? It's not a right approach IMHO. The normal approach for user interface is to be redrawn only when it's necessary, not all the time. And only the portion that needs redrawing. When nothing happens, you don't need to redraw windows.

Posted on 2003-07-24 07:40:18 by JohnFound
you're right :(
when I started making DR1.0, I didn't know even 10% of the technology inside it. If you haven't noticed, the song window doesn't have child windows - it's all maintained by my own engine, that unfortunately doesn't involve region update - the whole window has to be redrawn always.
But making a system that involves region update will be very hard for me, and almost unnecessary - all knobs are automated, there are many level meters , animation, blinking, text changes possible every 40ms. It's awfully a lot of code to detect those changes, 60 times a second. The song window involves a lot of animation and sprites and stuff, so I don't think it's a mistake to take the video engine of DR for a game video engine :) .
As long as the users have a good AGP video card, everything is ok.
Posted on 2003-07-24 08:14:25 by Ultrano
damn its not worknig for me
the console comes up and then disappears very quickly.

man dont tell me I have to get a Service Pack, aww crap..
Posted on 2003-07-24 16:50:39 by x86asm