This is super short prog to createsurface. But it's not creating it. Can u check this ??
Posted on 2003-07-18 06:40:58 by AceEmbler

mov ddsd.ddssurfCaps.dwCaps, DDSCAPS_PRIMARYSURFACE OR\

You can create a primary surface ONLY in VIDEORAM ;)
Posted on 2003-07-18 15:39:08 by BogdanOntanu
Still the same problem.

Posted on 2003-07-18 18:11:08 by AceEmbler
Then one of the parameters's value or one of the structure member's is not defined corectly?
-maybe the Invoke macro has some bugs or the way you aggregate params,
-check the actuall params given to IDirectDraw::CreateSurface method

I use the same kind of code and it work perfectly .
Posted on 2003-07-19 06:58:43 by BogdanOntanu
did u compiled my prog or just paste a piece of it ??
I'm useing the same like this guy in space-tris and im calling this like he have done.

"-check the actuall params given to IDirectDraw::CreateSurface method" --What do u mean by that ??? Check what ???
Posted on 2003-07-21 04:18:05 by AceEmbler