when I installed HLA in my win2000 & winXP I discoverd (%SystemRoot%\Sytem32) is not in the Path anymore...

I fixed the problem manualy, but I'd like to know why, why does HLA not like system32 ?

Best Regards
Posted on 2003-07-18 16:06:22 by mistronr1
How did you install HLA?
Was it via the setup program or did you run initHLA.exe?
I've not seen this happen, but then again, I haven't looked lately.
Randy Hyde
Posted on 2003-07-18 17:29:53 by rhyde
Hi Randy

I used the install, I did it on three different computers just to make sure, the same thing happend in all three..

Best Regards.
Posted on 2003-07-18 20:45:02 by mistronr1
oh ,mistronr1 , i've mentioned it . My %SystemRoot%\System32 did disappear too.
I used 1.52 installer .
Posted on 2003-07-19 10:16:46 by dreamweaver