Least significant bit or lower side band? Does anyone know what processor Kenwood is using in some of their general coverage transceivers? Aparantly their DSP (digital signal processing) can filter a signal to only 10 Khz wide. I don't know alot about DSP but I do know that the Nyquist theorm stipulates that the speed of the processor must be atleast twice the speed of the frequency being filtered and three and even four times the frequency the better. Understanding that it is now days done at the IF (intermediate frequency) we are still talking around 17Mhz first I.F. Now they could be doing something with the 2nd I.F. (455KHz) but the aliasing is sloppy at this lower freq. I beleive it is done at first IF but must be a fast processor. By the way Kenwood was the first to send digital images on high frequency low powered hand held equipment. I bet they built that unit for Sprint cell phones.
Posted on 2003-07-18 22:55:55 by mrgone
I think the stipulation is that the sampling frequency must be at least twice that of the bandwidth.
Posted on 2003-07-21 00:04:44 by eet_1024