Is there an input dialog in the Win32 API.

It would be a text input control with an OK button and CANCEL button.

I have searched the MSDN for inputbox input dialog and edit box.
Posted on 2003-07-19 23:58:45 by msmith
No, you will have to create your own dialog resource then call it with DialogBoxParam
[b][i]The Dialog RC file[/i][/b]

#define IDD_DLG1 1000
#define IDC_EDT1 1001
#define IDC_BTN3 1
#define IDC_BTN4 2
IDD_DLG1 DIALOGEX 6,6,194,87
FONT 8,"MS Sans Serif"
STYLE 0x10CF0000
EXSTYLE 0x00000000
EDITTEXT IDC_EDT1,8,9,174,46,NOT 0x00820000|0x50010004,0x00000200
PUSHBUTTON "OK",IDC_BTN3,74,60,50,19,NOT 0x00820000|0x50010000,0x00000000
PUSHBUTTON "Cancel",IDC_BTN4,130,60,50,19,NOT 0x00820000|0x50010000,0x00000000
Posted on 2003-07-20 00:04:59 by donkey
What resource program did you use to do that.. I doubt you did it by hand ;)

Im still in the stone ages when it comes to using resource editors. I found one like 4 years ago, some borland product. Its not very good, and i rarely use it these days. I mostly do resources by hand now... (( I also cant stand VC's editor cause of all the extra crap it inserts into the file, which is why im asking you. You file looks tidy and clean ))

Posted on 2003-07-20 21:05:02 by NaN
Nope, I used RadASM's resource program. Could have done it by hand but there didn't seem to be much point and after using RadASM for so long I'm a bit rusty. ;)
Posted on 2003-07-20 21:18:58 by donkey

You should really look at RadASM for your primary editor. I think that there is someone working out a structure for auto-complete COM and you would be no small addition to his project if you could be convinced to get on board. There are alot of RAD features and new ones being added all the time, the abitlity to create DLL extensions (AddIns) makes it a very customizable IDE and the new version has much faster load times.
Posted on 2003-07-20 21:35:38 by donkey
Hi donkey,
Glad you noticed my attempt! I feel all tingly... My first project...

Well, so far I converted all Direct3D, Dinput, Dmusic and Dsound interfaces to the format (god bless regular expressions!). Didn't touch DirectShow though... It's a simple format that should work:


I rest for today... Now the hard part comes :gasp:

Let's see how things go from here on
Posted on 2003-07-21 00:48:37 by FearHQ
Alright, I will give it a chance... I will at least temporarily stray from my UltraEdit ;)

The thing is over the years i have UltraEdit soooooo streamlined to getting the goods done fast that im weary of trying on something new. It will be soo forein :grin:

Posted on 2003-07-21 18:08:01 by NaN
I think the first time you type invoke .... you'll be hooked. Autocompletion is such a great thing and the resource editors will be a pleasant surprise. Integrated degugging, proc, data, const, struct and macro lists, enough features to keep you going for a while :)

BTW you can integrate your custom controls into the editor as well.
Posted on 2003-07-21 18:34:22 by donkey
Ok first things first... I spent the better half of this evening re-arranging the asm list for syntax highlighting, and setting the colors up to something more gentile on my eyse.

Now the question is. How do i back up this hard work. Say my CPU craps out tomorrow, can i save an ini file with all this in it and skip this in the future (this is what i have done with ultra edit ~ allows me to port my working environment around).

The other question is, do i have to install the plug-ins as well, even though i downloaded the most recient full version? Cause i havent found the resource editor yet?? Oh, ya one more thing, how do i put in other help files and exe's to quick-call from menu.. ie. the OOP Class maker that Thomas and I wrote.. Can i put that somewhere for quick calling?? (I used Hutch's TMenu.exe for alot of this, help files and exe's.)

Posted on 2003-07-21 20:13:39 by NaN
The environment options are completely stored in assembler.ini and RadASM.ini (in your case assembler.ini would be masm.ini). If you add to any keyword list the additions are stored in your masm.ini file as they are assembler specific as are your menus, color hilites fonts etc.. The global settings like AddIns loaded are kept in RadASM.ini .

Resource editing: Create a dialog by right-clicking in the Project window or selecting Add New from the project menu, that will bring up the dialog editor. Other resource editors are available from the project menu.

Editing menus: use the options menu, at the bottom are the selections to customize each menu. The tools menu accepts executables so I would put them there. You can use Wild cards in the parameters for the command, for example if you wish to pass the filename of the current forground window use TOOL.EXE,$ or if you wish to pass the ASM file use TOOL.EXE,$2.

Build options: there are a default set of build command that are loaded depending on the project type, they can be modified on a project by project basis using the Project Options selection from the Project menu. See my help file for details.

You might profit from downloading the help file. It covers the more basic features.
Posted on 2003-07-21 20:36:10 by donkey
Thank for your help...

I have to say im truely impressed. Last i looked at it was a *long* time ago... KeltIO has gone along way with it... and people like you supporting it is a true asset.

I have to admit, it got about 99% of everything i look for in UltraEdit.. and it looks more or less the same now. (Mild gipe, F3 searches stop at the bottom of the window and dont start over, and numbers apparently are not syntax highlightable). However, the autocomplete has gone a *long* way too! Im very happy with it. Lastly, the making custom add-ins has me interested. I need to learn its interface, but it doenst look too challenging from what i saw in the sources for addins.

Well, i still havent made a full project with it, but so far its looking pretty good :alright:

Posted on 2003-07-21 21:03:07 by NaN
Missed the AddIns question, sorry. AddIns are handled from RadASM.ini, for the most part all of the normal ones are enabled and working. There are a few that are not truly functional without a bit of setup. The main one is MSDNHelp by Qweerdy. You must setup the paths if they do not correspond to the defaults. There is a readme file in the AddIns folder (\RadASM\MASM\Projects\AddIns\MSDNHelp\) that explains what to do. If you have the APR 2003 version of MSDN email me and I will send you the temporary upgrade of the file to allow you to use it as your reference (I have never figured out the DExplore interface). It will allow you to get the most up to date help by simply pressing F1 with the cursor on an API call.

If you have questions about any specific addin there is a section of the help file that individually explains them and their options.

PS maybe you should split this thread and move it to the IDE forum

PPS: Yes but F3 can span a whole project, no small feature that !
Posted on 2003-07-21 21:07:42 by donkey
Thanks Donkey, im done with questions. You were right, im convinced to stay with it... Alot of the stuf i do manually is now automated. All in all its a great piece of work. Anymore Q's i will take it to the IDE forum.

Posted on 2003-07-21 21:34:55 by NaN