Hi guys,

Take a look at the following link:

Nice handy toolbar. Now you can search with google without needing to visit www.google.com. There are pretty of hardcore users of google that would find this useful I suppose. :alright:
Posted on 2003-07-20 09:15:05 by roticv
my browser has had that for ages :)

it pays not to use IE ;)
Posted on 2003-07-20 09:27:39 by Hiroshimator
I did this program some time ago. Press Win+G and a small edit box will pop up. Type what to search for and press ENTER to open a browser window with the search results (or Shift-enter for a new window).
Posted on 2003-07-20 10:50:32 by Delight
I have google set as my default search engen in mozilla if it cant be found to be a web page it gets kicked over to google search

hay hero what browser do you use ?
Posted on 2003-07-20 11:53:55 by rob.rice
Posted on 2003-07-20 13:19:43 by Hiroshimator
Opera has that feature also since the beginning of time.. ;)

(Grayscaled for slower Modems)

PS: The second Button next to the little lock is to blend out pictures for faster loading time... The third formats the text of any webpage to black and the background to white... :)
Posted on 2003-07-20 14:21:09 by JimmyClif