Monthly update

It's looking very stable now...but I need some real world testing. If anybody is interested in testing out large projects of theirs that would be great. I will only be testing and doing small tweaks this month. I also need help proofing the keywords.xml file, specifically the tips. I am currently working on the help file, and added short tutorials on the example projects included.

Download current version at:


ps. i update the project at least a couple times a week on my site, but i'll start doing monthly upates here too
Posted on 2003-07-22 20:20:15 by negatory

I can't change font editor.
Posted on 2003-07-22 23:32:35 by Bi_Dark
Really Excellent work. Really like the how the IDE is similiar to MSVC.
This first thing I did was put in one of my old dll projects, almost 1000 lines, and notice a few things.

Minor Suggestions:
When loading dll project or any project, for the output build it would be nice if it defaulted to the name of the project.
And if project is dll default to dll ext.
Kind of a pain to bring up the settings to do this.

What you got plan for the resourceview?

Again great work. I think Im going to use this as my IDE now. :)

Thanks Neg!
Posted on 2003-07-23 06:07:50 by packetvb
Hi negatory,
Did you checked your forum before new release? And tested the things which testers complaints? Which bugs fixed or news exactly since previous version? Which fixes you hope ok or needs test?

Posted on 2003-07-24 20:38:05 by cakmak
Hello Mike,

Hardcoded font name and height with such a small size (0Ch) - this is something.
No popups with local and global variables.
Why @@ and __ marked as procedures?
You positioning AsmStudio as and IDE for a big projects? For now it is not suitable for that, imho.
Pretty interface is good, but isn't enough.
Enough? I can dig more :)
Posted on 2003-07-31 05:34:41 by masquer
that's nice
Posted on 2003-07-31 07:07:34 by negatory