I have a keyboard hook system-wide installed. Every key that is pressed gets intercepted so I can anylise during type-time.

The problem, is that even when call keybd_event(...); the hook then doesn't capture the key that was pressed and released. In other words, the I can know that a key was pressed, but if it's a simulated keystroke, it won't capture what keypress was simulated.

Anyone have any ideas? In utmost reality, it doesn't really matter if I intercept the simulated keys, I would hate for them to incedentally be intercepted again and trigger an endless loop, but for all intents and purposes, I would like to know why.

Also, I found a piece of software, www.fanix.com it's a free download called hilitext. Basically, you search for a word and it scans all text in all windows and highlights the word.

Anyone know who to externally view text in a window so it can be manipulated? What API's would I concentrate on?

Posted on 2001-10-13 00:08:09 by _Shawn
Try using the low-level keyboard procedure.
This may help. It speaks of "key injections".
Also check out:

Hope this helps
Posted on 2001-10-13 00:22:25 by lackluster