I'd found an error in hutch's MASM32 V8 package.
In example 2, Qikpad and example 5, RichED example, the filtering string should be "*.TXT" not "*.TEXT".

But even I correct it and compile against the error still occur
Try this:
- open RichEd example
- type something
- save it with text file format (Not typing 123.txt), using the dialog's filtering.
- eventually it saved as 123 not 123.txt

Anyone can help

Posted on 2003-07-25 09:10:11 by QS_Ong
append .txt to the filename before the call to Write_To_Disk.

1. lstrlen on szFileName
2. retrieve the last 4 characters on the filename excluding the null terminator and copy it to a register(assuming EAX)
3. shr eax, 24
4. cmp eax, '.' ----- IF(eax == '.')
5. This will check if the user specified a file extension, if not, then append ".txt" to the string and call Write_To_Disk.
if eax == . then just call Write_To_Disk

Posted on 2003-07-25 14:12:47 by arkane