i need a way to physically access(write) each sector(250million of them) directly(my hard drive(IDE3-0) . in any way, via bios or dos win whatever. whatevers easyst i suppose. any body have any documentation or code i could use?
Posted on 2003-07-26 00:44:01 by Qages
In DOS there's Brown's interrupts for reference (int21 for drive access I think)

Posted on 2003-07-26 00:48:47 by donkey
how do i select my drive? 82h my raid card installs it as.
Posted on 2003-07-26 01:22:18 by Qages
Read CreateFile info properly ( for WinNT you can map a PHYSICAL DISK and other lowlevel devices... )

Also, for MSDOS you have the known ( slooooow ) INT 25h & INT 26h that will ensure a good way to read even for scsi and other non common HDs ( INT 13h could work ok, but since its a lower level access it may fail with your HD... ).

For Win9x use a VxD or the old known Ring0 Callgate/IntGate/... trick and then use kernel mode disck access...

Bye ( I would go for CreateFile extended working way thing... )
Posted on 2003-08-06 07:29:16 by sheroc