In softice how can you view things like ax or uMsg or things like that? I know that you can see what is in each register but say i want to see if ax has IDB_OPEN in it.. i sure cant see it in the top window where it says what is in each register
Posted on 2001-10-13 19:04:52 by Kezza
memorize constant values, or print out parts of the win32 api :)
Posted on 2001-10-13 19:23:00 by f0dder
The closes thing you can get is symbolic debugging; but it should be your own code the one you are debugging. Believe me, there is nothing as nice as symbolic debugging.
Well, chics are better. heh

Posted on 2001-10-13 19:52:06 by latigo
yeah its my own code that im debugging but how do i do symbolic debugging? do u hav ne links or info?? thanx
Posted on 2001-10-13 23:58:03 by Kezza
Kezza: in this .zip you have two files:

- clrd.bat is a batch file that assembles, links and run your program, read it a little bit and you'll quicky understand it. Actually they are simple parameters passed to the ml and link, then you load the program with the nmsym that comes with softice.

The other file is a patch for softice if you have problems when trying to load symbols. There are some versions of that file that need external dlls. So, if you have any trouble when loading your program with nmsym, simply copy this file to your sice directory.

Good Luck. :)

BTW, softice by default with or without symbolic debugging, understands a lot of simbols, not IDB_OPEN but a lot of other ones...
Posted on 2001-10-14 01:56:29 by magicmac
Sorry :) here's the .zip ..
Posted on 2001-10-14 02:03:14 by magicmac
Hey Maguito!! :)
If you want to learn more about symbolic debugging in SoftIce (and other stuff as well) what you can do is to Read The Fine Material that comes with Sice's installation.


Posted on 2001-10-14 04:01:46 by latigo
Hi Larigus !! :) You're always replying to every1 .. congrats!
Posted on 2001-10-14 10:04:02 by magicmac
my dear friend MagicMac !!
The books are coming from amazon !! Oh yeah!!
I hope they arrive this week so i'll read them in no time, increasing my leetness :)
Hugs my friend, see you next Wednedsday. And remember that we'll play some CS eh!!

Posted on 2001-10-14 14:43:22 by latigo
Oh yeah , i reply to all of them cos i wanna reach f0dder ...hehe :)
Posted on 2001-10-14 14:44:11 by latigo
latigo: That will take some serious posting, I'm afraid :tongue:.
This will be my post #492 (getting ready for the #500 celebration),
and you're at a meagre 191 ;).
Posted on 2001-10-14 15:16:25 by f0dder
i was kidding, i seriously don't give a sh!t about my number of posts :).
But , from what i have seen, many do take that on account in this board. And raising the number it's just a question of appending a 'yes' or 'no' or to each new post.
Anyway, back to Petzold. Bye !

Posted on 2001-10-14 16:11:36 by latigo

;). I don't realy care about the number either. I mean, it's not important
to me. I do think it's sort funny that I'm approaching post #500 though.
Nah, it doesn't make me feel "leet" or "superior" in any way.

Posted on 2001-10-14 16:19:25 by f0dder
The problem with my posts is that if anybody look at them, he'll see that are all questions and questions and questions and questions, so instead of having plus posts I should have sub-zero posts, I mean, negative posts or bahh .. you know what I mean ...
By the way, fOdder and Latigo, I'll talk to the moderator to take off a pair of hundreds from you guys that are posting this kinda stuff ... :) Heheh :)

PS: here's one more point for me Hehehhehh :)
Posted on 2001-10-14 23:23:03 by magicmac