Why there's another foum for MASM (masm Forum I mean) out there?
Shouldn't all that be here?
Posted on 2003-07-27 01:42:27 by GogetaSSJ4
Posted on 2003-07-27 03:05:02 by Four-F
The more the merry. There are all levels of programmers. Some ore dedicated to the beginners like we were just yesterday.
Posted on 2003-07-27 06:55:54 by cmax
Why are there so many software companies ? :grin:
But I think these sites might merge in near future.
Posted on 2003-07-27 15:01:15 by Ultrano
Posted on 2003-07-27 15:55:59 by Thomas
:( damn. I have been using C syntax almost always when I display how certain api have to be called. baka. no more C for me - too toxic for the forum
Posted on 2003-07-27 16:24:14 by Ultrano

It's Hutch's package and he can create another forum if he pleases in the same way as there is a dedicated FASM forum and yes even one for RadASM. The community has grown to the point where the user base exists for multiple forums and though initially there was a large amount of cross posting that has died off, the Win32asm community is still the primary place for general asm related questions but package specific information has moved to more special purpose forums. To me this is a very good sign, it indicates an active and growing community of programmers and in the end it only amounts to one extra link in your bookmarks. ASM has changed from a sideline language to a mainstream general purpose language thanks to the work of pioneers and supporters like Hiro, Hutch and others here (just check those whose join date is July 2001 for a list). As it grows there will be more and more sources for information.

Dedicated forums:

There are many many more and the list is growing all the time because the community is growing all the time.
Posted on 2003-07-27 16:29:43 by donkey
Originally posted by Ultrano
But I think these sites might merge in near future.

Not likely :)
Basically, the split comes down to artistic differences. The two forums are co-existing quite nicely, with many people posting and/or visiting both. Hutch has designed his forum to be slightly more targeted towards MASM, although other questions are always welcome. And his main objective has been to provide a very sheltered forum for absolute newbies, as the Main section in this forum is still quite technical which means a lot of newbies end up asking what appears to be lame questions.

But of course the two forums (this one and masmforum) do share the same objective: to teach people assembly language, no matter what assembler the end user uses :alright:
Posted on 2003-07-30 00:16:45 by sluggy
they never will and never should merge in the sense that only 1 site is left standing. All other options could be beneficial.
Posted on 2003-07-30 03:55:16 by Hiroshimator