What kind of code do u want the front-end designer generating?
Posted on 2001-10-14 01:14:05 by MovingFulcrum
I'd like to see you start the god damn coding phase !!
Hello Moving..I'm kidding you know..
But seriously....do it !

Posted on 2001-10-14 04:03:47 by latigo
Guess what. I have;)
Posted on 2001-10-14 05:26:00 by MovingFulcrum
You need one more option, fulcrum... "pure win32 api + RC"...
I'll choose RC for now :).
Posted on 2001-10-14 11:15:34 by f0dder
oh yeah i forgot to mention that if u dont choose rc code it means that things like menus,etc WILL be generated through a resource only.
So which one do u finally go for f0dder:)
Posted on 2001-10-14 13:10:13 by MovingFulcrum
woot woot!
Excellent then :)

Posted on 2001-10-14 14:39:43 by latigo
Posted on 2001-10-15 13:02:56 by MovingFulcrum