I noticed, that Jpg-Pictures loaded with your/his library (BitmapFromFile ect.) could not be very big.
I tried to load a picture with 3000x2250 pixel and it failed. Other programs could load the picture without errors...
What is the limit for loading pictures with the library ?

Tested under WinXP Home...

Posted on 2003-07-29 13:29:22 by Nordwind64
I think that it is limited to your screen resolution, I know that the BitmapFromPicture function measures the screen, never really looked at it closely enough to know for sure. Try a bitmap 1 pixel greater than the screen res and one 1 pixel smaller should tell you right away.
Posted on 2003-07-29 15:42:41 by donkey
Thanks, donkey !

Sorry, but I could load pictures greater than 1024x768.
I saved the original picture via PhotoPaint again. The new picture could be loaded now without errors.
I think, the original picture seems to be a bit incompatible...

Posted on 2003-07-29 23:50:56 by Nordwind64