Im creating a basuc resource type file that stores files in a structured file..
sort of like game companies make..

I would like to get the best performance out of my program...

So I used
CreateFileA with the OVERLAP Flag

Then Used
ReadFile and WriteFile with the Overlap Structure...

then i call GetOverlapResult after each read or write file....

ok here is my problem Async Operations are not supported in Win9X Based OS's on Files..

But as i read some stuff in the msdn .. It said if I call DeviceIoControl after running CreateFileA with the Overlap Flag
that ut supports a list of things and one of the items in the list were files...

So my main question with all this said is it possible to pull of some sort of Async IO operation on windows 9x base OS's

only reason why im going through this is for Compatibility reasons.
Posted on 2003-07-29 14:07:09 by devilsclaw