Just a few more things

Each time that i have a window opened in editor and i have an build/compile/assembly error
clicking the error line in RadASM bringa a NEW window with the same ASM file in editor... needless to say that IF i remove the erroe in one window it remains in the seccond one and OVERWRITES my work/changes when i save :(( --this is plain unacceptable and can/did cause me to loose my work at times

Besides i really need to be able to duplicate windows in editor, not necesarely MIDI but at least TABs ... PFE does very good with this duplicated windows and it saves in all opened windows each key i press in one of them (in syncronization)....

Duplicated and more N-plicated windows with the same text are very much needed in huge projects...
Nope the simple divider is NOT ok as duplicated window :P

Also i write procedures with ARG and LOCAL and USES stuff on separated line in TASM, besides this is the cannonical syntax for MASM also... the "in one single line definition" is just a hack for "easy?" writting....
Needles to say that my proc parameters and local variables are NOT recognized by RadASM...but at least the PROCs are recognized :P

Also even if it looks like a good practice, i find it quite useless to HAVE to write the procedure name again at ENDP...

Also i am one of the guys that (like fravia) hate to stare at white "light bulb" backrounds.
I like my monitor to emit light ONLY where i have something to read, and NOT everywhere arround it. In plain words i will like to be able to customize colors in properties and project in such a way that background is plain black and text green or blue or cyan or orange or... etc...

I just wish i could tell the same thing to Microsoft ... :stupid:

But i am happy that i can use RadASM again for HE

Keep up the good work!
Thank you
Posted on 2003-07-29 17:17:29 by BogdanOntanu
Your first prob is most likely how your are including your files (as i discovered). I had the same problem as you a couple days earlier.

Check out the discussion here:


Posted on 2003-07-29 21:20:51 by NaN
Hi Bogdan

You can now set toolwindows text color. Look here.

For the rest...only time will show.

Posted on 2003-07-30 09:40:22 by KetilO
:alright: :alright: Excellent piece of software. I just found it today and I already plan to switch to using it.
Posted on 2003-07-30 20:43:16 by Trashcan
Thanks guys

Indeed a very good piece of software

and i really appreciate how fast the bugs are resolved...almost as if i have had the source code :D
Posted on 2003-07-31 19:17:42 by BogdanOntanu