Here's an annoying problem... now that I finally get my hooks working propertly, they replace the text when certain things are detected... works great. However, when I start Internet Explorer, my hooks no longer work. I think IE disables keyboard hooks. Anyone have ideas how to make sure my hook stays?

I have other programs that place system-wide keyboard hooks, also... interesting to note, all of the hooks end up not working after starting internet explorer. It's possible they do this because of people watching for password and stuff, but still, it's annoying because the purpose of my program is defeated if it can't detect certain keystroke and replace it with other text.


Posted on 2001-10-14 02:48:31 by _Shawn
it's not solution but only a sugestion, try to write your prog to use a little help from a VxD -- with VxD u can hook keybord too... and maybe IE won't mess-up your plans again.
Posted on 2001-10-14 05:28:30 by NEMO

What version of IE are you using? I started my version (5) of IE and my hooks still worked. If you are using the WH_KEYHOOK_LL it seems to me it would be difficult to detect. At least thats what I gathered from it.
Posted on 2001-10-14 10:42:36 by lackluster
Nope, just using WH_KEYBOARD... Nothing fancy...

Posted on 2001-10-14 12:39:36 by _Shawn
Why don't you try

It says at the bottom:
Note that debug hooks cannot track this type of hook.

Maybe if a debug hook cannot track this type of hook, neither can IE. You may be able to fool it into letting you do what you want. Maybe not. Anyways, just a suggestion. Or as NEMO said, try it VxD style. At any rate, I am intrested to know the outcome of your problem.
Posted on 2001-10-14 14:04:59 by lackluster