btw QvasiModo, since i saw it i plan to use it. I have been laying your code out in a readable format.. ( at lease this is what i do so i can understand things better ) I'm not finshed but i plan to correct your spelling and lay it out. I seen it all to you when i am finshed in a few day if you want it. I do this for all code that i use in my program just to remember.

Great work. It really teaches us about dlls even as we go. (I use WordPerfet for spelling not my brains.. )

Glad to see you like it! :alright:
btw, are you using RadASM? It's syntax highlighting really increases readability, you might want to try it...
If so the two together is more than what one can ask for.

Just make sure NOT to import API calls that do not exist in all windows. Those calls that exist only in a specific windows version should be loaded with LoadLibrary/GetProcAddress/FreeLibrary. Otherwise, windows will just refuse to load your app if it imports an unsupported call.
Posted on 2003-07-31 09:40:51 by QvasiModo
I tried RadASM but my computer memory is weak, only 96meg. So with some of my old big projects it load to slow and stolling is worse. So i just wait until i buy a real machine.

I'm so use to stroling with Qeditor that's why I put lines lots difference of lines between blocks of code so i know where i am when i get to it. I thing RadASM can stand that two. Maybe i try again but turn everything off to start.

It want be long before i seriouly start playing inside your dll. I usually strip stuff to the bone but i don't think i want to touch a thing inside there serously ... I'll Just add my code and watch it work :)

Speaking of work it's time for me to go to work... 2 weeks off, 2 week on but dame near 18 hours a day when i do. If you don't work you don't (program)

See ya
Posted on 2003-07-31 18:23:40 by cmax
RadASM shouldn't have that much of an impact on your memory. This project has 32,000 lines, 48 bitmaps and icons, 6 dialogs, and 18 modules, less than 2 Mb. RadASM by itself uses less than 512K of memory.
Posted on 2003-07-31 18:33:52 by donkey
Believe me it does. Try 120,000 lines. It stroll slower than malasses and the first few use to crash something crazy. I tried with them all execept the new one. I am that fool that don't use modules. I pack all my code in one asm file and go for it. I got about 20,000 lines worth of comments out Like the lines i put in QvasiModo file so i can see where im going and can handle it petty well now. No typing, No Searhing No Flash Back or bad eye site. Just a quick stroll down to the place i want to see. Right or worng it's a habit now.

Next time i try it i just trun all the highlights off and use what i need which is not mush but maybe color for those lines. ASMEdit is better for me if i was to change right now.

To bad for me i missed all the power and excitement of RadASM. But i still say it takes a good machine to run it... It got a lot of stuff in there of use turn it on.

No editor can go beyond system limits so it's not the program fault. Wordpad goes nuts if the file to big. Only Qeditor can take close to a 3 mb asm file. After that its goes nuts. I forget the exact size. You might know nothing about this bit im the guy that crash masm...
It loss it mind after a 2.8mb asm file. His limit is right around there....
Posted on 2003-07-31 19:01:17 by cmax
120,00 lines in a single ASM file ???

That's one monster file :) you should really be working to split it up just for maintenance purposes. Once a file gets to 5,000 or so lines I start to think about breaking it in two. 120,000 WOW :eek:
Posted on 2003-07-31 19:07:14 by donkey
maintenance purposes, how about my SANITY...

but really i love having all in one file until it crack than i get into another one. That 2.8 mb file was just a bunch of same api calls in a down the list so it's not like i did something special. I was bent on not using proc back then thats all it was. But i decoved masm limit behind that.

A real 100,000 asm file would never have the same thing twice and it would be something to be proud of... Thats a real asm file.

Not my s**t

but my lattest on is more than half way there. I strip it down just to relax. You never have to go look for anything anywhere. All you got to do is remeber what you are doing and stick with that block of until finished... Now you know it and will never forget it. Type of comment lines show you where you at.... IT' S REALLY FUN

Posted on 2003-07-31 19:11:53 by cmax