I have decided to embark on the wonderful world of asm and I was wondering what tools are good for writing asm. I just want to get started really. Any information would be mush appreciated!

Posted on 2003-07-31 13:39:22 by sharpe
i started to learn asm for windows only a few days ago also :)
i use masm, which you can find HERE. that is your text editor, assembler, linker etc all in one. plus it has lots of examples.
i also think iczelions tutorials are a good start point, i learned much from those :) his homepage

links i find useful are:
this forum
http://www.websteves.com/win32asm/index.htm (donwload winapi reference in his "sources" section)
um, thats the ones i use mainly!
good luck :)
Posted on 2003-07-31 14:26:41 by wilson
i suggest you get the MASM32 package, and use Radasm as an IDE
Posted on 2003-07-31 15:08:07 by sTonER_DeVIOUS
Got it and installed it all. Code Warrior, what editor do you use? QEditor? Just wondering :-)
Thanks a bundle for the help.

Posted on 2003-07-31 15:52:12 by sharpe
i use editplus
Posted on 2003-07-31 16:02:14 by wilson
There are many excelent editors and assemblers available. The choice is yours, I would suggest you try a few and decide which ones best suit your style and needs. For IDE's (Integrated Development Enviroments) there are 6 "big ones"

The free ones...

RadASM (For all major assemblers)
WinAsm (For MASM only)
Negatory Assembly Studio
NAGOA Visual Assembler (Limited to NASM)
QEditor (Comes with MASM32)
EWayne's ASMEdit

My personal choice is RadASM but each has it's particular advantages and the choice is more a personal one than a feature war. RadASM has what probably is the largest user base but I can't be sure about that, it is just my perception.

For assemblers, well there is no quicker way to start a war than to say one is better than the others so I'll just list them (I use MASM and GoAsm). There is a larger user base and example code collection for MASM.


This is in no way meant to influence your descision but my configuration is as follows...

Assembler #1 = MASM
Libs & equates #1 = MASM32

Assembler #2 = GoAsm
Libs & equates #2 = My own

Debugger = GoBug (NT ver. commercial software), RadASM breakpoints, VKim & OllyDebug

Resource Editor = RadASM
Posted on 2003-07-31 17:11:25 by donkey
i use ConTEXT IDE editor
Posted on 2003-07-31 17:29:16 by devilsclaw
Hey, guys. Just a proposal, but why don't you check http://users.skynet.be/kurchakk/index.html ? There you can find Radasm, masm32v8, PEBrowse (static and interactive) for debugging/disassembling and helpfiles for multimedia, directX openGL etc... and everything is of course for free.

Posted on 2003-08-02 13:47:31 by raidu
i suppose ur site is ok :) only 8 visitors when i went to it tho... g'luck with it
Posted on 2003-08-02 13:50:11 by sTonER_DeVIOUS
gimme a break will you. The website is only one day old, so 8 visitors (including you) each day is nice or not?
(Just trying to help people.)

Posted on 2003-08-02 14:02:02 by raidu
Has this become a free-for-all thread? :grin:

WinAsm is a nice freeware IDE made for MASM-only Win32 development. It's always exciting to see what new features akyprian adds to it every week or two. (Installer link deleted until I run it by akyprian.)

I like RadASM too. It's support of multiple assemblers is a strength, but for me it's a little bulky with the multiple ini files using semi-complicated settings. (Donkey's help file ... helps.)

For everything else (MASM (16 and 32-bit), TASM (16 and 32-bit), VC++ 6 (32-bit), MSC++ 7 (16-bit), Dev-C++ (gcc), assorted debuggers and other tools), I have EditPlus gradually being configured. Unlike other programmers editors (I've tried many of them), it supports Tool Groups (tools.ini attached in case anyone tries out EditPlus ... this will save you some work).

Iczelion's Tutorial Series in Windows compiled help format: http://people.delphiforums.com/jawiv/filez/Iczelion.chm
Posted on 2003-08-02 14:43:22 by Masmer