Don't you mean: mov byte ptr , 0Ah :tongue: Why not mov word ptr , 0a0dh ;)

Anyways... I know the code was not a for sale version... but the size of the Buffer was fine... (8 Edit Boxes, where each gets 1000 space... fill up a 10.000 Buffer) Only thing I forgot was the size in WriteFile which should have been:

sub ebx, pMem ; gets the size of the whole Buffer
invoke WriteFile,hFile,pMem,ebx,ADDR BytesWritten,NULL

And... I don't GlobalFree the Buffer either at the end...

Hi Jimmyclif,

OK, no probs. the stuff I noted as not working wasn't working then. mov ,BYTE PTR 0Ah works fine, the idea was to show that the CRLF was two bytes at the end of a line. This is just an example, sometimes you sacrifice speed and practicality to demonstrate a point.
Posted on 2003-08-01 12:00:32 by donkey

Here I attach a RadAsm DialogAsMain project I quickly hacked together.. Hopefully it will help you a bit.

wow i like how this one works... gj... and donkey i will try your code and get back with you thanx
Posted on 2003-08-01 14:12:16 by sTonER_DeVIOUS