hi everybody,,

I'm new here ,and you can called me hassan
I used to work on masm16 (which works on DOS) , and I'm thinking to turn to 32 one ,
i want to make a trigonometric calculator (sin+cos+tan) ,, and i'm facing alot of problems to get on with masm32 ,, so i'll be so greatful of anyone give me a hand here....

Posted on 2003-08-03 05:23:40 by hassan
Do you mean that you are having problems downloading the MASM32 package? or having problems understanding 32 Bit Windows coding ?
Posted on 2003-08-03 06:27:29 by donkey
ok , i have to make a trigonometric calculator (sin+cos+tan) as a project in masm16 , but I think if i used the masm32 it will be easier , so i downloaded the masm32 but i didn't find any helpful examples talks about trigonometirc functions ,, and yeah i have a problem in determining the file in which i write the code and making run(i'm not sure but i think its QEDITOR.EXE)!!!

and thanks for your reply
Posted on 2003-08-04 01:13:57 by hassan
QEditor is the editor package you use to write your code, or you can go to the IDE section and download RadASM, an excellent IDE for writing code. You should look at Raymond's FPULib library, it has alot of the fpu functions pre-packaged for use.

Is this homework ?

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Posted on 2003-08-04 01:58:50 by donkey
If you are not yet familiar with the use of the FPU and intend to code everything on your own, you may want to have a look at parts of the following:


Posted on 2003-08-04 09:51:51 by Raymond
Yes QEditor is the file. Walk through some of Iczelion's tutorials to get a handle on it's usage. For the trig functions you make look up tables. If you've done this in DOS than I'm sure you know how they work.
Posted on 2003-08-07 09:28:45 by mrgone
hey guys , thanks a lot for your help
i guess i managed to do my project by using the old masm , :alright:

Posted on 2003-08-08 18:04:37 by hassan