Hello there. I've got a question. In internet explorer if you shrink the window to the point where one of the bands in the rebar control can't show all it's content then you can click on the little chevron ('>>') at the end of the toolbar to see the rest of the contents right? Well when you look that up on MSDN it's a flags you send with the REBARBANDINFO structure called RBBS_USECHEVRON. This flag is available with Commctrl.dll version 5.81 which MSDN says is ONLY available on windows 2000?!?! They are obviously using it in IE and they have been for awhile. There also a flag I_IMAGENONE which says that a button in a toolbar doesn't have an image for that button. However it says that's also only available with version 5.81 of commctrls on Win2K only. However once again if you look at the menu bar in IE 5.0 it's actually a toolbar in a rebar band, however each button in the toolbat had no image, only text. Again they are obviously using this feature, but how with version 4.1 of commctrls?

Posted on 2001-10-14 17:35:51 by cyberben
I think IE updates common controls when it is installed. My COMCTL32.DLL is dated 2/26/01, which is about right for IE-501/SP2 that I run. :)
Posted on 2001-10-16 20:44:50 by S/390