i hope i'm not the only one, so...

which guitars do you own, which effects and amps are you using?
any soundfiles or pictures? how long do you play and which styles
do you like? i'm just curious...

that's my exact signal chain:

tokai love-rock les paul style guitar -> boss cs-3 compression ->
dod fx-33 buzz box distortion -> boss fz-3 fuzz -> boss bd-2 overdrive ->
proco rat 2 distortion -> ibanez fl-9 flanger -> marshall 15 watt amp

i like to play blues, rock, metal, shred, ambient stuff, space-rock, drone...
everything that's fun to play.

Posted on 2003-08-05 09:41:05 by mob
I have about 20 soundfonts, and I've converted 8 of them to soft. sampler patches: steell gt, and most GM sounds. :grin:
I can't play the guitar otherwise ("in real life")
Posted on 2003-08-05 09:51:30 by Ultrano
I have a seagull s6(acoustic), never bothered learning how to play a guitar(but I will in the near future). :) It was given to me by my cousin while she was visiting from canada 1.5 years ago as a gift. And I don't have time to learn this instrument because of time - coding, social life, school ... and currently learning piano(yamaha p80 - digital) and a whistle.

IIRC, seagull s6 costs around $300-400(brand-new) and you can find for >$200 on used seagulls.

I've heard it's great for beginners on price, quality........ :)

pic here - http://www.seagullguitars.com/products6.htm

as for the types of music I love to play? I love all types of music, depends on the mood... but I lean more to classical, alternative, rock... but that is different on the type of music I love to hear... ;)

Posted on 2003-08-05 16:25:32 by arkane
I have a normal guitar, i say a acustic guitar.. with cost of 20 dollars or some like that, and i have other that some one give my like a gift and it looks really great, also have good sound.

When I practice I can play solos like guns && roses (november rain, dont cry), also i like some songs not all from santana, but i like the songs of ingwie J Malmsteen (black start, and others), also i like i song that is called "tears on the rain".. the duration is like 30 segs, but is very nice, also i try some times to "improvisar", but sound extrange :D.

I like a lot the clasical or near to it, but for the guitar, i like how sound the "flamenco", do you have partitures?? for clasical guitar???

Yes I like like have a electric guitar, but i can go some times with a friend to play it ;).:alright:

Nice day.

PS: I can say othe good group, is like Ingwie but in spanish :D :D it is called "rata blanca", sound great to, i like all the songs where the guitar play good... also other instrument that i will like learn can be the "violin".
Posted on 2003-08-10 21:38:02 by rea
no one plays the good old electric guitar here? what a bummer! i own
a accoustic guitar, too ... nothing special, sunburst colored without cutaway
for 100 bucks - but i don't play it very often. hgb, are you saying that you're
able to play ingwie songs on accoustic??? that would be hilarious to watch...
he's such a good player but a total idiot in person i guess - most guitar
"hero's" seem to be pretty big assholes

haha great that you mentioned ingwie he always makes me laugh

Posted on 2003-08-11 06:50:01 by mob
I have a bunch of guitars.. more than i need realy.

I started with a piece-o-crap electric "El'Dagas", which was a Gibson Les Paul rip-off. Played it for years mainly thru the G'n'R days '89->'94. Durring this time i bought a BC Rich for a steal at a pawn shop ( IronBird (exact photo) ). I love this guitar for its speed. High frets hand low action makes for very fast fretting and tapping....

Also, Im a bit of a wood worker, and in high school i made my first Accoustic from a kit. Turned out be be a "chords only" guitar because of its lousy action ( I listened to my teacher more than i should have listened to myself at the time :rolleyes: ). This one has been collecting dust for a long while now, but its perfect to drag out to the beach cause i dont care what happens to it..

At some point near the end of high-school, I grew tired of the old El'Dagas, and decided i would make my own. This is the entire reason i graduated high school at all ;) ~ kept going back to skip classes all day and work in the wood-shop on my guitar ). I was lucky enough to be trusted by the shop teacher to work in there any time and he'd look the other way regarding classes of lesser importance ;) . In the end i made a very nice Les Paul copy out of solid maple with chery tree pick-up brackets, treble/bass toggle inlay (for the circle), and back plates. I stained the guitar white and with some guidance from the automotive teacher gave it a very high gloss finish (like autobody finishes ). I fitted it with the the best pickups i could find at the time (Humbuckers of course) at 100$/each, as well as tunning pegs. The guitar is slightly thinner than a standard Les Paul, but the rest is pretty well bang on! Right down to the fret inlays (which took for ever to do).

I played this for years following (about 2) until i went to university and found myself alienated from my usual crowd of shred-heads. Over time i mellowed and migrated to classical nylon string guitars. (I had always been playing them from the get go, when i learned to play in public shool ).

I've now totaly given up on electric and play classical exclusively. I find it far more entertaining as a sole musician since you can be the entire band at once (each finger is another player, from treble to base ). Its more technically challenging and for this i find it more enjoyable to listen to and play.

For the first few years i played a classical no-name, which i bought from an old boss i use to work for. About 3 years ago my father, enjoying the fact I can play "good-music" that didnt involve a whamie bar, bought me a 1000$ classical "Manuel Rodriguez" model A ( Exact Photo Here ). This guitar is my best friend ;) :grin: . When playing this, the only fault i can find is the player :) , I keep it properly humidified and it still smells like it was just made ( nice Cedar eroma comes out while you play ). I spend what little off time i have now playing this.

I should really sell some of the lesser interest guitars, but i wouldnt make much off them. As for the others, the BC Rich is realy a stock to me. It will be worth alot soon. An my home made Les Paul, well, i made that so i cant sell it. I figure i will give it to my first born when ever that day comes ;)

Posted on 2003-08-11 18:30:39 by NaN
Hmm, I must have not read the Heap for quite a while...

Anyway, mine is Fender Strat 1988, ivory body, rose neck, "new" tremolo bridge. When I bought it, I just wanted to have a Fender (I think). But, after 15 years, I don't like its tone. I heard later that some time around 1980, Fender's tone has changed completely. :(

Now I want to have a Gibson-style guitar. I played one (don't remember the make, but the model was Les Paul Studio - You know, the black one), and it felt really smooth and much easier to play.

What do I play? Classic rock (I don't mean Malmsteen style thingy, though sometimes I took part of his riff for fingering practice). Well, but after so many years since high school, I don't play much now. (And, if I had been really good, I wouldn't work on coding at all. Isn't it true for you guys, too? :) )
Posted on 2003-08-11 20:00:13 by Starless
japan fender stratocaster, acoustic applause steelstringed, and a nylonstringed kono-20.
boss digital delay, superchorus, a big multieffect boss-thingy (forgot name), a small Yamaha jx-40 amp and a Roland Jazz-chorus 120w amp.
I had a really good electronic guitar once, my favorite, a Paul Reed Smith, but had to sell it when I didn't have money for the rent :(
I play jazz and blues.
Posted on 2003-08-11 22:24:58 by david
yesterday i saw "desperado" (the first time) - maybe i just don't realized how
great accoustic guitars are... but i think i'll never ever get sick of playing the
electric. i feel like i have way more possibilities - soundwise. btw nan, you made
your own les paul guitar? wow do you have any pictures? my absolute dream
guitar is this one here

starless if you want a (very) good gibson style guitar that doesn't cost THAT
much check out tokai. their guitars are build with the exact specs and the japan
one's are WAY better than todays gibson's... and ebay is full of them. my LP is
an exact copy of a gibson les paul standard model and i spent 400 bucks, that's
nothing for a real good guitar. everything was in a great condition, the action
is very low (without buzzing), the frets are great and the tone... unbelievably
warm with a long (looooong) sustain.
Posted on 2003-08-12 03:33:13 by mob
Hey about the les Paul, it sounds great, it looks great, and......IT'S TOO HEAVY!!! standing up and playing an hour or so, and my left shoulder was be in serious pain from the weight with the strap. But the mega-solid body maybe's one of the reasons of its tone I guess.
Posted on 2003-08-12 14:36:19 by david