I seem to having a problem. I was trying to get a tool menu item to work in RadASM and I eventually ended up entering:
Name: Ressource Filter
Accelerator: None
Cmd Line: C:\Masm32\myutils\rcfilter,$P\Script1.rc -O -o $P\$.rc -i $P\rsrc.rc -h c:\masm32\\resource.h
11=Ressource Filter,0,T,C:\Masm32\myutils\rcfilter,$P\Script1.rc -O -o $P\$.rc -i $P\rsrc.rc -h c:\masm32\\resource.h
in RadASM.ini

Which crashed RadASM upon pressing "ok" and when trying to rerun it. So I updated RadASM to (I think it was before), I then tried to run it and it still crashed. So I modified radasm.ini reducing the entry to only run rcfilter. Ran RadASM again, it worked. I continued to try and get it to work till I (for some reason) decided to enter the same thing that crashed it before. It obviously crashed again... Having RadASM.ini already open in notepad and unchanged from when I modified it, I clicked save, but it still crashes. I also tried removing the entry all together but no luck.

Any ideas on how I could get it running again before I delete/reinstall and lose my settings?
Posted on 2003-08-05 20:48:27 by Soul~Drudge
There appears to be a limit of 84 or so characters to the length of the command line (though this may also rely on the total expanded length). You will have to remove the command line from your MASM.INI file in order to get rid of it as that is where it will be saved.
Posted on 2003-08-05 21:17:01 by donkey
Ah, okay... I didn?t realize it saved it to the masm.ini file as well as radasm.ini. Cause for whatever reason the first time I made this mistake I checked the masm.ini and it wasn?t there so I didn?t bother checking the second time.

But anyway? It's running again, thanks Donkey.
Posted on 2003-08-06 02:18:09 by Soul~Drudge
Hi Soul~Drudge

The problem should be fixed now.

Look here.

Posted on 2003-08-06 06:37:18 by KetilO