I don't know about you all but I'm baffled at this point with the Intel Manaul's explanation of the paging mechanism. This article seems to clear a few points up.http://www.embedded.com/98/9806fe2.htm
Posted on 2003-08-06 21:13:51 by mrgone
I think this is a very good reference:


In case this URL is not valid in future, just google for "Intel 80386 Reference Programmer's Manual"

Bye ;D
Posted on 2003-08-07 11:33:17 by sheroc
The manual.:( That thing jumps all over the place. I wouldn't do without the manual for intricate details but tech. writer needs to stick to one subject alittle more. Try this one. It is great! http://www.windowsitlibrary.com/Content/356/04/1.html
Posted on 2003-08-08 16:12:40 by mrgone
yeah, the URL I posted was a more generic one :), that new one you posted seems very good, although NT specific, I?ll check it out ( although I have already experimented some stuff in practice under NT :D ).

Bye ! :D
Posted on 2003-08-09 03:55:58 by sheroc
Hell, very good one ( very very very... GOOD ), I am reading through it and I see that its a MUST for every coder that wants to know NT internals propperly!

:alright: Thanks, again, for the post.
Posted on 2003-08-09 04:13:52 by sheroc
Think I will make a new post with root URL. Everyone needs this info.
Posted on 2003-08-09 15:17:17 by mrgone
That would be so sweet running zero level code from user level. Wish I knew where to get "undocnt.inc".
Posted on 2003-08-10 10:53:05 by mrgone