by creating libs of my most used code so I can just include in my project instead of copy and paste... How would I go about that? How would I turn a couple of procs into a lib?
Posted on 2003-08-08 16:44:05 by Gunner
Posted on 2003-08-08 17:58:55 by Thomas
If you are familiar with MASM32 (I think you are), have a quick look at a few of the functions in the Fpulib folder to see how they are set up, and then look at the make file to see how the library gets assembled.

Posted on 2003-08-08 23:27:50 by Raymond

Making your own lib files
The Microsoft utility LIB.EXE, which relies on LINK.EXE and also MsPDB50.dll, can make static code library files. Suppose you have an object file called calculate.obj which contains a function which you wish to re-use. Then you can make a library out of this with the following command line syntax, for example:-
LIB calculate.obj

This will make calculate.lib. To add another object file to the library you
can then use:-
LIB calculate.lib added.obj

This will add added.obj to the library calculate.lib.
This is useful if you want to keep your functions in libraries, so that they can be re-used without having to insert the source code into your source scripts.
They are also useful to distribute your functions whilst keeping your source code to yourself.
LIB.EXE and its components come are part of the MSDN tools which can be downloaded free from the Microsoft MSDN site (part of the SDK). The exact download keeps changing so it may be trial and error getting these files. It is most likely also part of various main compilation tools such as VC++ or MASM.

The above text I wrote as part of a message at GoAsm forum thread "static code library support"

GoAsm now supports static code libraries, not in the same way as MASM and MSLINK, and its only at beta stage at present, but available for download from here
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