Well, it's seems :stupid:

going through the Chris Hobbs tut for space-tris and tried re-compiling to code and I get this unexpected error
LINK :fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file "\mssdk\lib\DDraw.lib"

I double-check to make sure I had the DDraw includes for the masm package, I tried search for the mssdk directory which is doesn't exist. Tried to download from MSDN site they say it all ready exist on sys. but in wrong directory I searched every folder all day on this winXP box and it's not there.

Is there another way I could get the needed files for this app to work?
Posted on 2003-08-11 19:53:53 by Tweak
I've got it at:

It seems to me that MASM32 generates it during instalation
Posted on 2003-08-11 20:16:19 by S.T.A.S.