I am looking for a 32 bit forth based OS with a GUI and TCP stack. I have searched pretty extensively, but can not find a decent stand alone system. I may start development on my own and was hopeing that maybe someone can anyone point me in the right direction.


Posted on 2003-08-14 22:31:29 by C. Wardell
I did that a long time ago on an "Cobra" -- 8 bit Z80 based CPU at 3.5Mhz :)

I do not know if i still have the sourcecodes available but as far as i remember it was based on an Fig Forth kernel, also AFAIK the FeeBSD bootd disks also use forth as a primary scripting language.

Besides you should check: http://www.forth.org/

And of course Charles Moore's site and publications and Color Forth :D

I was thinking to add a Forth to my SOl OS as a programming language

You can ask me questions about it as i have some experience with Fig Forth and independent Forth implementation (aka based on now OS other than Forth itself)
Posted on 2003-08-14 23:50:40 by BogdanOntanu