Hi all

New upload at the top.

- Added new styles to toolbar and statusbar.
- Made some changes to RadASM's toolbars.
- Added position in statusbar on hex editor.
- Did some work on rebar demo.
- Fixed a few minor bugs.

Posted on 2003-08-19 06:06:22 by KetilO

AutoComplete works incorrectly if there are any characters after the cursor. Here's the screenshot:

AutoComplete did not pop up automatically - I had to force it (Ctrl+Space). Then by accident I found out, that there are two spaces to the right of the text cursor. When I removed them, AutoComplete started to act as it should:

Furthermore, I keep getting GPF from MakeDef.dll when I click the "Refresh properties" button (tried this on and I haven't investigated this problem any further yet...
Posted on 2003-08-19 17:17:24 by Morris

sometimes i notice tooltip will not appear now. I changed name of function + define and tooltip appeared.
the name of function was not used else where. (it did have word alloc in it.. if that helps)
however it will show the define info on mouse move in the infowindow!

other functions will tooltip and are defined in the same file.

Posted on 2003-08-19 18:56:18 by X05
Thanks that solved the problem. Looking nice. :)
Posted on 2003-08-19 20:54:51 by xkardisx
Hi Morris

This has been the behaviour since version
If the caret is not at the end of the line the api listbox will not show.

Posted on 2003-08-20 01:57:27 by KetilO
Hi X05

If you post the whole proc line that would help a lot. If I can't reproduce the bug it is almost impossible to fix the problem.

Posted on 2003-08-20 02:00:06 by KetilO

Just a suggestion. Is it possible to add (in the new project wizard) an option to make a (XP Version Exe) which when selected, add the XP manifest in the resource section, n make a win32 file with XP style?? Is this possible?

Thanks alot.
Posted on 2003-08-20 09:01:27 by CuTedEvil
Hi CuTedEvil

This can currently be done by creating and using a template.

Posted on 2003-08-20 09:20:35 by KetilO
Hi all

New upload at the top.

- Added more functions to info tool (code, dialog and hex edit info)
- Fixed a serious bug in dialog edit where a window handle could be resized to the size of the dialog.

Posted on 2003-08-20 09:31:51 by KetilO

I have also seen its possible to have two autocomplete popups in same window!
only way to get rid of 2nd popup is to close Radasm (changing tab.. closing file.. trying to select item.. and its still there)

does not happen all the time, seems related to the shift + space

originally happend when I was typing fast, but I got this line to duplicate it
trying to narrow it down,

MYMACRODWORD mystruct<space><shift+space>.>.>.

Posted on 2003-08-20 15:29:59 by X05
An unrelated question, how do I setup Project Properties to link DLLs with resources? I haven't managed to do so yet (simply checking "Compile resources"does NOT work)... :(
Posted on 2003-08-20 16:16:50 by QvasiModo
Add a ,4 to the end of the link command. (see the faq in the help file for more details)
Posted on 2003-08-20 16:23:02 by donkey
Thanks donkey, It's the first thing I thought of when I saw that enabling "compile resources" was not working. Didn't work though... too bad I'm not at home, or I would post the command line I used. Perhaps there was a typo... I'll try again and tell you how it worked. :)
Posted on 2003-08-20 16:41:15 by QvasiModo
I almost forgot, I found a minor glitch this morning:
Posted on 2003-08-20 17:00:27 by QvasiModo
Hi all

New upload at the top.

- Fixed api tooltip bug. (Thanks X05)
- Fixed toolbox paint problem. (Thanks QvasiModo)
- Changed RadASM's toolbars color mapping. Disabled buttons should look nicer if 3D-Objects has other color than lt-gray.

Posted on 2003-08-21 05:26:14 by KetilO

Add a ,4 to the end of the link command. (see the faq in the help file for more details)

Works :alright:
The only problem is that RadAsm does not catch up when the resource script needs to be rebuilt. I think that's why it didn't work for me when I tried first. I think some editing in the ini files should solve that, but I didn't look into it throughly...
Posted on 2003-08-21 18:23:13 by QvasiModo

Really am impressed and like your work, But I can't get anything done if you keep changing things on me :grin:

Just kidding :tongue: keep up the good work.
Posted on 2003-08-23 09:43:14 by djinn
Hi all

RadASM is uploaded to my website.

Thanks all for your help hunting bugs and for your suggestions.

Posted on 2003-08-25 08:06:36 by KetilO