One day I was working with a project in RadASM. I selected "struct" from Properties, double clicked a structure name and found the editor focused on another struct, not the one selected. Then I selected another struct (the one that the editor focused on) and it worked okay. Then I noticed, that the structure I wanted the editor to focus on the first time, was at the very top of the file:
teststruct struct
testfield dd ?
teststruct ends

anotherstruct struct
dummy1 dd ?
dummy2 db ?
anotherstruct ends

yetanotherone struct
foo db ?
bar db ?
yetanotherone ends

When I inserted an empty line before the first struct, it worked okay, ie. double clicking at "teststruct" in the properties listview made the editor focus on the "teststruct".

I investigated the problem a bit more and found out, that if the structure definition start from the top of the file, then double-clicking the structure's name in the Properties listview opens up the file and positions the cursor where it was left last time (in my example: when I leave cursor at "foo", close RadASM, open it up again and select "teststruct" from the Properties, the cursor will be placed at "foo" instead of the beginning of the "teststruct" definition).

I'm using the latest RadASM ( dated 12.08.2003) with standard addins
Posted on 2003-08-15 13:28:43 by Morris
Hi Morris

I will fix it in my next release.

Posted on 2003-08-15 13:47:57 by KetilO