..not sure how to do this...

I have existing (masm) .asm, .inc, .rc, .ico files needed to build a program. I am trying to take these old files and place them into a new project within Radasm. Is there an easy way to do this so that they are recognized as a new project, maintain their previous names, and can be compiled, built, etc. Sorry, I know this needs to be placed in the 1/2 newbie-1/2 idiot section...but I couldn't find it..thx! :rolleyes:
Posted on 2003-08-15 22:14:17 by evenings
Create a project with the same name as the asm file then replace the newly created asm, inc etc.. files with your old ones. You may have to rename your include file to match the one that RadASM created and make the appropriate change in your asm file.

In general you will want to use RadASM to generate a new RC file so that you will have access to it's resource editing features. If you have dialogs in your old program use Res2Dlg to convert the res file into dlg file format and to import any string tables as these are RadASM specific formats. Add any bitmap or other resources to the rc file using RadASM.
Posted on 2003-08-15 22:26:28 by donkey
I kinda agree on this post.. it would be nice to have an easier 'wizard' to integrate entirely an old project, with no immediate additional files.. I've had a few hang-ups trying this myself...

Posted on 2003-08-15 22:51:16 by NaN
I once thought about making something like that but decided it was far too complex an application for something that will not be used often. Usually that does not bother me as it is a learning experience (as with Res2Dlg) but in effect this type of wizard would have to be able to completely parse an RC file in order to be something that is useful. The chore of moving the existing inc and asm files is not that great, the major problem in my view is the resources and that is also the major hurdle to overcome. I suppose that if some-one had the energy and time they could build on Res2Dlg and add all resource types to it, it would be a large but not undo-able project. They could then add an option to import all resources and have it scan through the res file.

For myself I can't see that it would be used enough to be worth the effort and I am busy with the graphics editors in what spare time I have. I think that RadASM sorely needs it's own graphics editing capabilities to bring it nearer to the level of Visual Studio so that's where my addin priorities are right now. First a real dedicated toobar editor then an icon editor and finally a full featured paint package. The editing engine is nearly debugged and approaches beta release, the others will be built around the toolbar editor.
Posted on 2003-08-15 23:26:03 by donkey
Why don't you try to add this line in RadAsm.ini "XX=CreateProject.dll,1" under section name "", Then you can create a new project through menyitem File/Create Project.

Have your asm file loaded when you create the project-

Best regards
Posted on 2003-08-16 14:25:40 by minor28